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Fault is not required for a divorce; however, fault can be used to affect a property division or spousal support (alimony). No divorce can be completed in less than 60 days and if there are minor children, there is a 6 month waiting period (which can be shortened in certain circumstances to 60 days) after the divorce case is filed. In every divorce, property, retirement assets, and debts must be separated. Where there are children, the issues of physical custody (where the children live), legal custody (ability to access medical records participate in the child’s education and help in religious upbringing), parenting time and child support must be determined as well. In longer term marriages or marriages with disparate incomes, spousal support may an issue. After a divorce with minor children, the issues of child support, parenting time, and custody remain at issue. Property settlements may not be modified barring a fraud by one party. Regardless of your personal situation, having experienced counsel at your side, in such a trying personal time, is important.

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