Erase Your Past And Start Anew – How To Get An Expungement In Michigan


You may qualify for an expungement of your record in Michigan. Even one conviction on your record no matter what it is, may easily have far reaching consequences on your life in terms of housing, loans and even jobs. Without an expungement, something you did or were falsely convicted of doing when you were young may prevent Read More

Wolverine Law An Affordable Attorney Serving Ypsilanti

Wolverine Law is an affordable attorney in Ypsilanti that offers years of experience, a solid record and a passion for law that sets them apart from other attorneys in the Ann Arbor region. Easy to talk to and concerned with the needs of clients, Wolverine Law goes above other attorneys by being affordable as well as Read More

Michigan Consumer Protection Act and Fair Debt Collection Practice Act

As a consumer, you are protected. When dealing with debt and collections, all consumers are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA. Many state's including Michigan, have their own laws regarding debt collection that may be different from the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission. In Michigan, Read More

Family Law – Dealing With Custody Issues In Michigan

While no one anticipates having their marriage break up, the fact of the matter remains, for thousands of couples in Michigan each year, it happens. When there are children involved, the issue of diverse becomes even more complex and issues such as paternity and custody come to the forefront. Like other types of law, Read More

News On Michigan Traffic Law From A Traffic Lawyer in Ypsilanti MI

Depending on the state, traffic laws and the penalties associated with them will vary. In Michigan, fines for disobeying traffic laws can vary greatly depending on the offense. Although which offenses are punishable will not generally vary from city to city, there may be differences in the fines and penalties associated Read More